Last of Us Part 2

Last of Us Part 1 is one of the best games ever made, and people agree. But It appears as though Last of Us Part 2 has not quite grasped the success as Part 1 did. After finally releasing the game, after years of polishing, the game still disappoints the community. People started making memes, sharing how bad the game was, and how it was overrated. People say that the storyline of Last of Us Part 2 was way worse than the original. As far as the graphical and physics of the game comes in play, it is far superior to Last of Us Part 1.

What’s wrong with the game?

Firstly, the clickers are poorly realized enemy types,  no one can stand those encounters. This problem was also present in Last of Us Part 1 and yet, somehow not fixed in the second part of the game. Secondly, the story is broken up by unnecessary and overly long exploration sequences. There is no doubt that the scenes and environments in Last of Us Part 2 are spectacular but the exploration sequences are just making the game too boring. Adding the unnecessary combat sequences too, the rating of the game downgrades. Whenever the main character is alone there are no interception or cutscenes to help keep things moving. These problems are seemingly very small and do not affect the game too much. So, what’s wrong? Something must be in play because people are quite literally screaming on how bad the game is.

Lets dive in deeper

The death of Joel has not been taken positively by the community. Words like ‘agenda, feminism, woke, political correctness, SJW’ have come to play when discussing the critic score of the game. The ridiculous storyline where Ellie is revealed as being gay and has a girlfriend who is her traveling companion, the fight between Ellie and a guy who made a big deal about the ‘Ellie kissing Diana’, Making a sandwich as an apology, that’s just absurd and poorly constructed storyline.

The work put into the making of the game

Recently the lead animator of Last of Us Part 2 has revealed how they used real horses for the animation for the game itself. There is a behind the scene footage released on Twitter on how Naughty Dog motion-captured real horses were used at Sony for the game. Using motion capture, the video shows how real horses were ridden by actors to capture the movements. In many games, development work has a limit. Last of Us Part ignores the limit and polishes the game crystal clear. Using real horses, dogs for the animation of a deer galloping, castmembers trying to mimic animal movements, and many more. Top voice actors were also hired to give the characters a distinguishable voice. Hiring many talented sound designers to mimic each and every sound that comes in play.


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