Linux does it again! – PsychOS a Retro-Styled Distro

How’s Linux doing in 2020?

Linux is a performance-based, lightweight OS for core IT purposes. Most people involved in programming, network penetration testing uses this OS. There has been a constant effort to make Linux more user friendly. Over the years, the development of Linux based OS focuses on both productivity and user-friendliness. Attracting the general audience other than people involved in the core IT field is hard for Linux.

Unlike Windows or Mac OS, Linux operating system tops them all as it comes in various distros, not only one. So the user can choose the distro fit for them to use either for persona/general use or more IT-related use. Meeting the user needs by Linux is proving very fruitful for its development and flourishment. The amount of devices running Linux is not as quite high as Windows but the growing number of people who use Linux as their primary OS is constant. Though the community may seem small the efforts shown to grow and stick together as a Linux Community is far more superior than many other communities.

PsychOS – Retro Based OS by Linux

PsychOS packs very essential everyday tools and software for general use, ensuring to attract the general audience and improving everyone’s productiveness. It comes with a combination of LibreOffice suite and Gnumeric for regular office and documents. The browsers packed in PsychOS are ‘Pale Moon’ and ‘Dillo’. For learning purposes, this distro is great as it doesn’t have a steep learning curve. PsychOS also comes with Nootka (this is used to learn musical score notations). This makes this distro to target even more users in a wide range. Some other tools that PsychOS has to include Stellarium, Reinteract, BKChem, and GIMP. GIMP is great for advanced photo editing. The multimedia menu also includes some other interesting and vague tools such as Blender (3D/2D animation software), Inkscape, Krita, and Scribus.

Not all applications are available for Linux. Similar types of applications are available but if that’s not enough for the user. This OS also includes almost 14 different emulators. DOSBox, Kega Fusion, and Stella are some of them.

Needless to explain, this Linux distro is unique and offers a wide range of customization too. Even a decade old computer run PsychOS. The lightweight distro is the newest this month and it already has raised some amount of genuine followers and soon may develop a big community. It is also stated that PsychOs can also pawer older 32-bit computers. This Linux distro is said to be innovative and a feature-packed distro that has been released in quite a while.

How to Download Mod  ?

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