Mixer x Ninja – What happened?

Tyler Blevins aka ‘Ninja’, one of the largest and most successful streamers is back streaming after the shutdown of Mixer. Ninja along with Shroud had signed a multi-million dollar contract with Mixer, leaving Twitch and to start streaming on Mixer. The streaming platform (Mixer) is owned by Microsoft, so why did it fail? Well, due to the current COVID situation, the promotional tours were supposedly canceled. Mixer had big plans with its streamers which didn’t play out very well for them. Mixer was certainly going to be a competitor for Twitch but due to the cancellation of their ‘big plans’, Mixer failed.

Ninja, after the shutdown of Mixer

It is still unknown why Ninja debuted on YouTube instead of Twitch even though he still remains the most followed Twitch account on that platform. Not ignoring the fact that Ninja has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, rumors speculate that Ninja is trying to showcase just how many viewers he can still pull, peaking around 167000 (167K) about double his mixer debut on his first stream on YouTube after the shutdown of Mixer. Ninja might still go back to Twitch or even sign a contract with either one of the platforms. The contract might not be as good as Mixer’s but money is money. Nevertheless, Ninja is Back and the community loves it!

Growth of Twitch

Not ignoring the fact that Twitch’s growth is not because of Ninja. He might play a big role on maintaining the viewership on Twitch but before Ninja or Shroud, Twitch’s growth was still constant and at a significant rate. Rod Breslau aka ‘Slasher’ commented saying “- unchanged. one thing that’s clear is this time around especially in a post-covid world neither YouTube or Twitch want to pay top dollar for exclusive streamer contracts, and neither thinks they have to either. Facebook still needs it though”, shedding some light on how the current post-COVID situation is effecting the pocket of these big industries.

Tyler’s one tweet, in particular, speaks on the influence of a well known, world’s most famous online celebrity, basketball star LeBron James to the increasing popularity of high-profile professional/non-professional gamers. Tyler also explained on one of his interviews how greatly he admires LeBron James and would like to be as well known as the basketball star LeBron James. Wednesday, the day when Ninja decided to make a debut on YouTube after the shutdown of Mixer was also the 10th anniversary of the day LeBron James decided to sign with the Miami Heat. So, this YouTube Livestream might also be an appreciation shown to basketball star LeBron James by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins.

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