From the early days of gaming to now, the modern era of gaming, many things have changed. Graphics are becoming more realistic, spectacular stories are told, games are played on professional levels, and many more. Recent releases like Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone Modern Warfare, etc are pushing the capacity of modern computers and consoles beyond the limits. But which is better? Console or PC

PC gaming has existed for decades but with the rise of consoles, suddenly PC is competing with Consoles to be the ruler of the gaming industry. Even though it may seem that console war has calmed (for now). The battle is still going on. PCs are getting upgraded with new reality-bending technologies, processors, etc but on the other hand, consoles are doing the same. Constant releases of consoles with more powerful features have become a problem for PC to rule the gaming empire.

Developing Games

Coding on Consoles and developing for consoles is much more similar to developing for PCs but it is not exactly the same. It has become closer than it used to be but not quite the same. There are still some fundamental differences to consider.

When designing for a Console, there are finite hardware capabilities. This is more limiting than the PC’s capability to ‘upgrade’ the hardware. But it also makes it easier for designers. Building a game for the console is quite easier due to the fact that designers and developers don’tConsoles are getting better every year and it seems that the war is far from over.

For PC however, designing and developing games is quite difficult having to compensate for the difference in video cards or processors, working around all hardware variables. The final product should be polished and should run smoothly and to ensure that it make take a while. Considering the low-end and high-end PC gaming audience, satisfying both sides of the PC gaming industry is quite difficult.

Team size may also vary when it comes to game design on Consoles and PC. Timeline, Difficulty there are many other factors in play. Professional gaming leagues are mostly played on PCs but that may change very soon. Although there are more PC games than Console, the gameplay and mechanics are very different. Engines used to develop games that once only supported PC games now have evolved and supports both PC and Console. No matter which side is better, Console or PC, we all love to play games.

So there you have it. The war between PC and Consoles. Whichever side you are on this war will not end any time soon.

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