Camtasia is a software suite, which has been created and through TechSmith, through video directories and presentations through direct screenshots or in the direct recording plugin through Microsoft PowerPoint.. The screen area can be freely selected to record, and audio or other multimedia recordings can be recorded at the same time or integrated into camtasia component and separated from any other source.Both versions of Camtasia were started as an expanded screen capture program and integrated educational and information targeting integrated computer capture and post processing devices targeted in the Multimedia Development Market.In the Camtasia Editor, you can import multimedia multimedia items into the clip library and schedule them timely and using today’s timeline form of stacked tracks, you can use the simple between video editors today. Different types of overlays can be added to user-defined settings, such as the Ken Burns effect, such as how to display cursor, pan-and-zoom effects.For camatsia, many options are given to increase the recorded screen sections for attracting through the cursor for Mac v2 for Windows v8 and catatasia, highlighting the section of the screen to improve the printer’s performance. Another very useful feature is the ability to save media clips in the Library tab, to keep users frequently imported media clips / files.


There are two main components in Camtasia:


  • Camtasia Recorder – A separate device to capture screen audio and video
  • The entire production name for the Camtasia Editor – which is now the device with an industry standard “timeline” interface for managing stacked track forms and multiple clips.

There is many best video recording software which is available on the internet. Camtasia is one of the best screen recording software for screen recording.Many YouTubers are facing this problem while making their videos on Youtube. we can remove watermark of Camtasia  and we will be using Camtasia  in free without any watermark  by just entering  key which is given below:


Note:    You can put any key from the above at first open Camtasia after that you can see share button at right, click on it there you can see the local file on drop-down menu, click on that local file.Enter your key on the right side and press the button.But make sure that you are not connected to the internet while entering keys.



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