Eye-tracking technology is fairly new in gaming. Before used in gaming Eye-tracking technology was used to help people with medical conditions like autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, etc. Eye-tracking technology is also used to treat traumatic brain injuries.

Tobii Technology

A Swedish company is a global leader in the field of eye-tracking. Tobii has recently dived into the world of the professional gaming world by releasing a $229 Eye Tracker for gamers. Use of eye tracker in games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc can help to improve recalibration the same as in the treatment. The eye tracker uses an algorithm to track the eye’s movement and patterns with a camera. In fast-paced games, a player has to make quick eye movements and micro-adjustments that directly tie with their reaction time and recalibration. Efficient eye movement, reaction time, recalibration is very important in the world of professional gaming.

The official product name is ‘Tobii Eye Tracker 5’. It can help determine the blind spots of the player to help improve their performance drastically. “if we lose your gaze, then we are much, much faster in finding your eyes again,” stated the head of gaming at Tobii. The gaming industry has an ocean of opportunities, this is proven by Tobii and its Eye-tracker 5’s success. The company reported revenue of $163 Million in 2019, 9% more from the previous year, after some adjustments.

Eye Tracking in Professional Gaming

Some professional esports players already use this technology. Taking the raw data and transforming it to create even more efficient strategies during the game has proven very effective at tournaments. This is only scratching the surface of the possibilities. Gaming merged with these kinds of technologies will revolutionalize both the industries.


Tobii Eye-tracker includes a series of sensors and 2 cameras all used to efficiently track the user’s eyes. The device needs to be mounted onto a monitor with its USB cable plugged in. It will register as soon as you gage into it. At first to register the user’s basic eye movement the tracker will ask to stare at specific points on the screen. The tracker determines whether the user is staring at a spot too much, the movement speed of the user’s eyes if the user is aware of their surroundings or not, etc. The user may face some initial setup problems as the mounting process is a bit complicated. Also, the eye-tracker uses a magnetic strip that is not as strong so, the tracker might slide off.

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